treatment options

Common treatment areas to tighten loose skin and smooth wrinkles include the lips, cheeks, jowls, neck, frown lines, forehead, lower eyes, upper eyes, forehead, hollow areas of the face, abdomen, and thighs. PDO threads can also be used to stimulate hair growth.

thread lifting

Thread Lifting is a minimally invasive procedure that uses biodegradable, absorbable lifting and smoothing sutures, also known as "threads." .  We often use a combination of PDO (Polydioxanone) and PLLA (Poly –L Lactic acid) threads. 

Thread lifting is indicated for the temporary improvement of the appearance of skin laxity (sagging skin) and/or texture (wrinkle reduction).  Both PDO and PLLA threads degrade within a few months but continue to stimulate new collagen production in the treatment area.

 This leads to increase in skin tightening and smoothing of wrinkles.

The Thread Lifting procedure involves the use of small amounts of injectable anesthesia (lidocaine w/ epi) and the use of a needle to make a small self-healing pilot hole in the skin.  A small needle or cannula that is preloaded with a thread is then inserted just under the skin.  Multiple threads are used during a single treatment. 
Depending on the area treated, the procedure can take 5 minutes to 45 minutes.  Often numerous treatments are required to achieve the desired results. 
It can take up to 4-6 months to appreciate the full benefit of the treatment.  On average, results can last 6-18 months or more depending on area treated and number of threads used.